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  A new job is always an exciting prospect, new people new environment, probably a higher salary and obviously a million times better than your previous job … until it’s not.   After the honeymoon stage, it may become apparent that your new job is also “just a job” and as much as you enjoy

  You’ve done all the studying and interview prep, you gave it your all and you’re hoping for the best. What’s the next step? Post interview etiquette is to send a thank you email – this also ensures that you stay top of mind for the interviewer.   It is recommended that you send a

  Your relationship with your recruiter is an essential element of a successful job search – Why? Because recruiters have well rounded industry knowledge and good relationships with hiring managers who trust their opinion.   If a recruiter has contacted you, they are already on your side, rallying for TEAM YOU, but here is how

Gone are the days when you were hired at 18 by a big corporate, worked your way up the ladder, stayed there for 50 years and received a nice retirement package at the end.   It’s 2017 and everything is fast paced. The traditional career plan has changed and there are so many different avenues

Do you feel like you’re being left behind in graphic design? Or maybe you just want to learn something new – here is some advice from our Creative Recruitment Consultants Daniela Tarantello, Demitrie Koutandos and Cobus Engelbrecht.   First things first, get qualified – do some web design/UX/UI courses – you can find these courses

    With the huge shortage of tech skills in South Africa, companies are starting to offer amazing benefits to attract top talent. Career Junction’s July survey shows that software developers continue to be the most in demand skill set for South African employers as well as one of the slowest recruitment areas.    

What is digital transformation? Is it just an IT thing? No, it’s for every department and a holistic approach needs to be taken. Many organisations have taken the approach of digital transformation to achieve lowering operational costs, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. The most obvious and probably most widely considered area for digital transformation

Having worked in recruitment for a number of years, Alex Martin saw the rise of digital in South Africa as an opportunity to start his own niche recruitment company. Alex’s first placement, the CEO of Prezence, opened the doors for Recruit Digital to thrive. Timing also played a part as 2012 brought about the formation

    We asked and you answered – Yes for remote working.           Our latest Twitter poll shows that 76% of respondents prefer the option of remote working while only 20% say they prefer the office.   Remote working is all the talk with industry giants such as IBM and Amazon offering

  You’ve been asked to send a cover letter. What’s the first step? Just as with your CV, a personalised cover letter should be sent for each job application that has been written specifically for that position. The cover letter is an intro to the CV and the decider of whether to actually go on