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    With the huge shortage of tech skills in South Africa, companies are starting to offer amazing benefits to attract top talent. Career Junction’s July survey shows that software developers continue to be the most in demand skill set for South African employers as well as one of the slowest recruitment areas.    

    With Women’s Day approaching, it’s time to talk about it, women in tech. The tech industry, as we all know, is essentially male dominated and recently the cracks have begun to show in the previously shining Silicone Valley with exec’s “stepping down” left right and center.     So what’s stopping women from getting

  Considering learning code? So you’re not a “tech guy/girl” but the reality is that you should still learn basic coding skills. Whether you’re in marketing, advertising, design, freelancing or writing, learning to code will give you an added advantage over others in your field.     Where to start? If you are working with

Having worked in recruitment for a number of years, Alex Martin saw the rise of digital in South Africa as an opportunity to start his own niche recruitment company. Alex’s first placement, the CEO of Prezence, opened the doors for Recruit Digital to thrive. Timing also played a part as 2012 brought about the formation

Following numerous requests from clients, we are pleased to release our first Recruit Digital salary survey. Our data set used records pulled from our CRM system Bullhorn™ and refers to the past 12 months (April 2016-present). The figures given in this survey are averages and should be viewed in such a manner. We realise that

If you have data, then yes. If your organisation collects large amounts of data, for any purpose whatsoever, and ends up storing it in some remote database, not doing anything with it… The answer is yes, you need a data scientist. There is a reason why data scientists are in such high demand and it

loyalty survey results

During the month of November we asked our audience to give us some insight into what loyalty means to them when it comes to employee-employer relationships. Firstly, we’d like to thank each and every one who completed our survey – you’re all stars! Secondly, we gave away a nifty Recruit Digital power bank to a


The digital landscape is changing fast. It’s by far the most rapidly evolving professional eco-system with skills, platforms, best practices and methodologies changing constantly. The relative immaturity of the space means we are faced with a talent shortage, especially for senior level resources. As a result talent acquisition is fast becoming the top priority for

With everyone from your colleagues to a prospective employer on social media these days, it’s crucial that you present yourself in a way that will earn you respect in your industry as well as open up doors if you are on the market for a new job. Content pro, Tracy Branfield, interviewed our very own

If you do a Google search for “Karina Olivier”, you will find me on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, my personal blog, Recruit Digital, Skype, etc. Some people think that my life is really sad and that I have to broadcast it all over the Internet, others think that I just get addicted to