Celebrating Our Wonderful Women

In the spirit of Women’s Day we asked the beautiful women of Recruit Digital to share their thoughts and knowledge in order to gain some insights about how we feel about recruiting, working women and successful career paths.


Question One – What do you love about being a recruiter?

Tanya: I love helping people in a professional way by getting them a great job, where they can fully use their talents to help them be the best version of themselves. I love the fact that I get to work with people and meet new people everyday.

 Daniela: I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know who they are as a person and what they are looking for in life. The best part is being able to tell a candidate that they have landed their dream job. There is no better feeling than being able to help and make an impact in someone’s life.

Amy: I enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them, figuring out if they’d be the right fit (i.e the “match making” part of recruiting, making sure the candidate and the company match).

Kate: Being a recruiter allows me to interact with talented people on a daily basis and because I am a typical girl who loves to chat, recruiting allows me to do just that. Watching people succeed during an interview process is the best part of being a recruiter as we build relationships with our candidates and only want the best for them.

Inari: Being able to find someone a job that they really want or need.


Question Two – How do you feel that being a woman benefits you as a recruiter?

Inari: Research shows that when you cold-call, people are often less hostile or more open to listen to what a female voice have to say. When people are having a bad time, they might see you as more open to listening to their issues/more understanding/more open to chatting in detail. Guys tend to be more straight-forward and focused on the facts (or at least the majority of ones I know).

Kate: Being a female recruiter can be beneficial as sometimes females tend to have a softer approach when dealing with candidates and this allows them to feel supported and calm throughout the interview process (This is however not to say that male recruiters don’t have the same effect).

Tanya: I think as a woman I get to not only use my nurturing side, but I get to build lasting relationships. As recruiter I care about the person behind the job and title, I care for the life after or before work and finding them something that will complement their lifestyle.

Amy: I think as a woman I have an advantage of building a more interesting relationship with candidates, I can have conversations about their personal lives, share and bond over common issues in my own life and give advice without being over-bearing or judgmental.


Final Question – What advice do you have for other women to be successful in their careers?

Kate: Be confident, be true to yourself and always believe in yourself and the way in which you go about your day. Be proud of being a woman in the working world and keep the drive and motivation alive.

Inari: Don’t complain about society’s perceptions or stereotypes of women, find your strengths and edge that you have as a woman and make it work to your advantage.

Amy: Speak up, be bold, be confident, back yourself and others will follow.

Tanya: Advice from my side, will be to always be human and think about the other person more than just the job. If you are only working towards your own goal, you won’t succeed in life.


As a last note we would like to recognise that one of our wonderful women Karina was not able to be in for our Women’s Day picture as she has just had a beautiful baby girl. So congratulations to Karina, you are very missed in the office and we are wishing you all the best and thinking about you!

IMG-20170807-WA0005 (1) inari

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