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Author: Kyle Hauptfleisch Stress. A familiar word, sometimes even used with pride. Like being busy, our generation seems to look down on those who are not stressed enough. It’s almost as if it indicates a lack of work ethic, low goals or even that you’re not taking life seriously enough. It’s silly. With all the goings on

Author: James Middleton When people start a new job, I believe there’s a very general cycle that they will generally progress through. It goes a little something like this: Get really stimulated and excited by all the new things you’re learning and people you’re meeting Start to see a few cracks in the new job

To Leave or not to Leave

Tuesday, 03 May 2016 by

Author: James Middleton For anyone that’s been working for a year or more, the question has probably entered your head as to whether there’s not possibly something better out there. Surely there’s more exciting work that can be done… Maybe there’s better pay for me… What about a more fun, relaxed culture? These are some of

The Dreaded Interview

Monday, 25 April 2016 by

Author: James Middleton There’s a point in most people’s lives where they know that something is coming up that they’re not particularly excited for. In fact, they’re quite afraid of the approaching occasion. For me, it was performing my piano pieces in front of the school during Wednesday morning assemblies (I was only 10 years old,

Author: Kyle Hauptfleisch As an employee, working for someone can be tough; and getting your manager to acknowledge an idea, process or strategy change can be tougher, especially with regard to long term decision making.  Employees are “on the ground”, seeing the developments of the market first hand but often on a micro level – challenges

Today we are saying goodbye to Annelize Spies, our Operations and Marketing Manager. Annelize interviewed, got offered, signed and started all within 48 hours – we knew that she was a keeper. Although this is a very sad day for us, we are so honored to have had Annelize as a part of our team

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Celebrating Alex aka Bo$$Man

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 by

Author: Annelize Spies Some call him Alex, some call him Mr. Martin, others call him Alexander (probably only his mum, though), but to us he’s Bo$$man. Our awesome Bo$$Man celebrated his 33rd birthday on the 3rd of April 2016 and we’d like to just share some awesome facts about this lekker human being with you.

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Guts or Glory!

Sunday, 10 April 2016 by

Author: James Middleton I’m not sure about you, but often I find myself in situations where things seem to be quite tough. My efforts don’t seem to reap any rewards, the stream is constantly slowing me down as I swim and there’s just bump after bump in the road I’m traveling. This post is not

Author: Kyle Hauptfleisch Achieving something is tough without defining that something in the first place. This seems obvious, but the amount of businesses that scatter their forces and send various departments in completely different directions is frightening. One would think that’s the point of a strategy, and one would be right; yet most strategies are too

Author: James Middleton There are times in life (and at work) where you come into contact with people that can be difficult (in the politest sense possible). Whether it’s family members, friends, colleagues, your superior or people that you lead, you are bound to encounter them and will be required to react to them. This