Job: Paid media campaign manager with e-commerce experience

Title Paid media campaign manager with e-commerce experience
Categories eCommerce
Date Posted13 May 2019
Salary R40k – 45k per month
Location Johannesburg North


E-commerce experience needed!

Objectives of the Role:

 As a paid media campaign manager you will be playing an integral role within the paid community, as well as the larger team. As such collaboration within these teams will be essential for the shared success of the agency on its clients.

As part of your duties you will be responsible for the planning, execution and optimisation of biddable campaigns across your client portfolio. This will entail that you ensure biddable best practices are always adhered to in the management of your accounts, you will need to drive innovative planning, You will deliver great client value as well as present complex data in a simple yet insightful way. 


1. Strategic Requirements

  • Keep up to date with the latest trends in digital industry and how they relate to biddable media. 
  • Be well versed in brand safety issues and viewability as well as be able to implement the required controls put in place to help us protect our clients brands. 
  • To be able to interpret the data provided by all the biddable platforms in order to optimise and provide actionable insights and recommendations for better campaign performance.
  • Attend training sessions and/or events as determined by your line manager and/or the management team.
  • Attain and maintain any certifications as outlined by your line manager and/or the management team.
  • A firm understanding of how biddable media fits into the media mix and the relationships between biddable and other types of media.

2.  Operating Requirements

  • Have an in depth understanding of the various ad formats adn targeting options offered by all major biddable platforms, how thye are used to achieve client objectives and how to implement them. 
  • Produce useful and accurate reporting on all biddable activity as and when required by company process, the client and/or your client management team.
  • You will be required to manage and control client spends diligently and in line with company process across all biddable channels.
  • Ensure that all biddable campaigns deliver on internal performance requirements which will be directly linked to client key performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • Have an indepth knowledge and understanding of all company systems and processes that relate to biddable media and how these need to be applied in your dat to day activies. Also, to help refine and improve these processes where possible.
  • Leveraging our relationships with Facebook, Twitter and Google to assist in the set up and/or optimisation of client campaigns/accounts.  

3.   Clients and Internal Teams

  • Effectively manage stakeholder relationships by ensuring expecttations are appropriately defined and well managed. 
  • Maintain a sustainable positive relationship with clients as well as internal teams.
  • Reviewing customer feedback information and taking positive steps to address customer concerns. 
  • Attend client meetings/events as and when required as well as effectively communicate with clients over email, IM or telephonically when needed.
  • Work with your account team to ensure compliance with any customer defined service level agreements and performance standards.
  • Contribute towards the development of customer SLAs, service reviews, customer feedback and customer service initiatives.

Skills and behaviours

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Deadline driven
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