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Guts or Glory!

Sunday, 10 April 2016 by

Author: James Middleton I’m not sure about you, but often I find myself in situations where things seem to be quite tough. My efforts don’t seem to reap any rewards, the stream is constantly slowing me down as I swim and there’s just bump after bump in the road I’m traveling. This post is not

Author: James Middleton There are times in life (and at work) where you come into contact with people that can be difficult (in the politest sense possible). Whether it’s family members, friends, colleagues, your superior or people that you lead, you are bound to encounter them and will be required to react to them. This

Author: Kyle Hauptfleisch Being busy is the new black. No one dares to answer a question like “how’s your day going?” with “yeah not bad, not much to do. Perusing Facebook, seeing what’s happening on the Twittersphere…did you see the latest John Oliver?” They feel obliged to look serious, furrow their brows and say, with